WP-Members™ readme file update

It was pointed out by an astute user in the wordpress.org forums that my readme file had a mistake…


I basically wrote things backward in the readme file.

Had I worded it correctly, it is supposed to be intuitive:

  • if default = block then unblock = true to unblock


  • if default = unblock, block = true to block


  1. says


    Just putting together a private blog with member log in etc. I cannot get the post pages to hide. I have gone through the process of logging out etc and the posts still show up.

    Also the WP-Members Dialogs and Error Messages are not showing.

    I have static pages which are the first pages – I want to now set up the blog for members only.

    I have followed all the instructions and it still does not work.

    Clarification required for Permalink settings as this may be the issue although the pages work with one page showing the registration logo in or welcome message if already logged in. However the error massages do not display.

    Please help!

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