New WP-Members™ updates in development

I am currently working on a list of updates for WP-Members™ 2.3.2 release.  If you have any requests, feel free to post here.

Note: I am always open to feature requests, but keep in mind, this will be a minor release so major updates are not going to make it in.  Also, PayPal integration is in development as a premium module, but a release target has yet to be set.

Here is the list as it stands (I’ll be updating as needed):

  • Fix notify admin new registration email – url field (currently it’s not including this)
  • Fix login failed message for sidebar widget
  • Fix login failed message for members area page

October 14 Update:

WP-Members™ 2.3.2 bug fix release has been published.  You can get it here.


  1. Niceone says

    Hello, congratulations for this great script :)

    It would be useful a page in the admin area about an article’s (posts/pages) list with the possibility to toggle checkboxes to block/unblock one of most of them.

    The “add field” system is good but if you have a great number of pages/posts, it’s not comfortable to handle them because you need to edit them individually. Instead to add field manually, it would be very professional a dropdown menu to block/unblock the article.

    Just suggestions :)

    Great work anyways ;)

    Best regards.

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