WP-Members™ 2.3.1 Code Improvement Release

Tonight I am releasing WP-Members™ 2.3.1 which is predominately a code improvement release, but it also has a couple of new features.

Code Improvements

The code improvements in WP-Members™ 2.3.1 include the following:

  • Update of calls to deprecated WordPress functions: get_usermeta updated to get _user_meta, update_usermeta to update_user_meta.
  • Completed the update of calls to deprecated WP function get_settings updated to get_option
  • Removed deprecated WP-Members™ functions wpmem_register and wpmem_update, both of these are now handled by wpmem_register.
  • Updated form posts in the admin panel for use with WP Multisite (I still need to do additional testing with Multisite before we delcare WP-Members™ officially fully compatible).

New Features

  • This release includes an improvement of the registration moderation process by adding a link in the notification email that takes the admin directly to the user edit page to activate the user.
  • I added an additional (and optional) page for registration.  Some users have requested a single page to direct users to for registration, so the 2.3.1 release includes the ability to add a page called “Register” that contains just the registration functions.  It operates in a similar fashion to the Members Area.  See the readme file for information on using this feature.

Download the most recent version here.


  1. says

    i am trying to install new registration form for password for members only page. its for members’ access to 4 areas, newsletters, minutes, treasury, and by-laws. you can see the password protect box that i checked it for visibility with my password but i realized that i can’t give out same password to all members.

    i am new to wordpress and i couldn’t figure it out with members only part. can you please give me the simple steps.


    • says


      If you are using the WP-Members plugin, there is no reason use the WP password protect. The point of protecting content with the WP-Members plugin is so that you can limit certain content to registered users who are logged in. The simple instructions for setting this up are in the quick start guide available here. Also on that page under the FAQs is how to block or unblock specific content based on your default settings.

  2. says

    Hi Chad,

    im getting there but one thing, i only want ONE PAGE (and its subpages), not all pages to be blocked for members only to have the access. How?


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