WP-Members Milestones

With the release of 2.2 this week, WP-Members achieved a couple of milestones.  First, we had our biggest (and also third biggest) number of daily downloads this week. 246 downloads in a single day is the biggest we’ve had since we released version 2.1.1 on WordPress.org.  Unfortunately, I didn’t track  downloads prior to moving the plugin to WordPress.

Our other milestone is that WP-Members has now had over 12,000 downloads since moving to WordPress.org.  That certainly doesn’t make it the world’s most popular plugin, but I think it’s cool.  We are on track to see it cross the 13,000 mark before we reach the 1 year anniversary of moving to WordPress.org.

Thanks to the users of the plugin for making this happen!

Shameless plug: This plugin has been an ongoing project of mine since 2006 when there were no other membership plugins.  I haven’t kept track of the time, but well over 1000 hours have gone into its development.  Supporting my site’s sponsors or making a donation help defray the costs of hosting this site and ongoing plugin development (go here and hit the donate button).  Also, services are available for customization (and references are available on customization projects I have done). Feel free to contact me for customization requests or other freelance work.

8/10/2010 Update: We’ve passed the 13,000 mark already with about 6 weeks to go until the anniversary of moving this plugin over to wordpress.org. I think that we will likely pass the 15,000 mark by then. Also, thanks for helping make this plugin more popular! WP-Members has been moving up the charts of the most popular plugins on wordpress.org and we are now on page 17 if you look under popular plugins in wordpress.org and on page 11 if you are looking at popular plugins through your admin panel. This puts us around #247. That is out of a current 10,666 plugins available through WP. #247 out of 10,666? I can live with that 😉


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    Is there any WordPress plugin that you’d suggest for User Moderation that would work well with your fantastic WP-Members? I’ve got a patchwork of plugins going to try to graft user moderation to a members-only area of a wp site.

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      Thanks for the comment. I am actually working on that very issue for a version 2.3 release. 2.2.2 will be released this weekend with a number of code improvements, but no feature changes. The 2.3 release is tentatively planned to have:

      notify admin of new user registration
      hold for moderation of new user registration (approval)
      time based user expiration
      trial period

      The notify admin of new registration option is essentially complete and tested and I am working on the hold for moderation process. The other two on the list will depend on how much time it takes to complete the moderation process. I may push those back to the next version. I don’t have an ETA on the 2.3 release, but it is coming…

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    This appears to work in the WP 3.0.1 MU environment…so it may be perfect for us.
    How would you change or add some additional fields in the registration page?

    Intuitively, if we disable user registration, then how do new users create accounts? Or does the plugin do that automagically?
    Thanks for the great plugin!

    • says

      Thanks for the comments.

      There may be some issues with the MU environment. I am not fully comfortable with the testing I’ve done in that direction so far. Unfortunately, that’s low on the project priority list as well…

      The ability to disable user registration was put in for site owners that might be using some other method of creating accounts – most commonly manually; a family, or a small school, or something like that. This feature can also be helpful with users that might be using some additional plugins, hacks, or other hybrid features that manage registration elsewhere, such as a forum (although WP-Members is developed with that in mind so as to be compatible with plugins like that without turning registration off).

      The registration fields are stored in an array in the database.

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    Great plug in… in the set up page I see this message:

    Note: Pages can still be individually blocked or unblocked at the article level

    What is article level? I dont see a setting in the created page or post to unblock.

    Please advise.. thanks!

    Great Job!

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      You need to set a custom field for block or unblock (depending on which way you are using it). Custom fields are located below the edit area for posts and pages. (If you are not familiar with this process, go to http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts and scroll down to “custom fields”) If you haven’t created either of these custom fields, you’ll need to select “create new” otherwise select from the dropdown. For either of these, set the value to true or 1.

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    I’m 24 hours into building a WordPress site for my club here in Sydney Australia.

    I love your Plugin to secure the site with user ID’s and passwords.

    If I may trouble you, I am building a CMS rather than a blog. I want to restrict pages from those not logged in, I have attempted placing the at the top of the page but still get the pugin’s defined below this point appearing.

    Is it possible to utilise your technology to simply present a blank page with the login widget stating your not logged in and asking for the user ID and password?

    Sorry to trouble you.


    Mark Evans
    Sydney, Australia.

    • says

      Thanks for the comments. It’s no trouble at all!

      You could tweak the code some to get what you are looking for. The problem with doing that is that you always need to come back and “re-hack” as it were in the event of a version upgrade. The area that you would need to work with would the the wpmem_securify function, which is in wp-members-core.php. I can’t make specific recommendations as I am not totally clear on what functionality you need here. But I think you could start by commenting out the login/registration function calls.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Matthew Buchman says

    Is there a way that I can create a custom field in the registration process. What I am wanting to do is create a field for a PROMO CODE. Is there a way I can create such?

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