Want a Free Blog, but not sure where to start. is a place where you can get a Free Blog.  It is brought to you by (see my review of and is powered by WordPress (WordPress MU to be specific – a multi user version of WP).

By using the WP MU platform, is able to offer users the familiar WP interface as well as popular themes. They currently offer more than 60 popular WP Themes for you to choose from.

Some of the plug-ins available to users are WP-Postratings, Sitemap Generator, and Google Analytics.

One downside to this site is that it doesn’t currently seem to be an active community. Most of the blogs I looked at during the review hadn’t been updated in quite some time. However, that could work to a new blogger’s advantage since updated blogs are posted on the home page.

Your blog will be listed in the blog directory and your recent posts will show up on the home page. Additionally, there is a set of links to “Most Popular Blogs” on the front page.

An upside is that they offer users the ability to put Google AdSense ads on their blogs. Not all free blog providers do this, so if you are looking for a free hosted blog that you can monetize with AdSense, might be for you.

This post is a paid review for


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    I am trying to get to wp-member plugin to work HEELLLPPP! It views the page just fine in admin mode but I cannot see it using a subcriber login running 2.9 wp I used the widget so I know the login works can you help please um if you email me I can give more info everything ele is working like I would expect it to

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