Do you like to write?  How about social networking, blogging, and podcasting?  You can do it all at Thoughts.

You can decide how you want to connect with friends and you can do this using various easy-to-use widgets.  Here is some of what you can do on

  • Create a Blog
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Upload Podcasts
  • Create Polls
  • Participate in Forums
  • Connect with Friends and other users is a place where you can connect with people of like (or unlike) mind and share ideas and discussions.  Connect and discuss in the forums, or post your own ideas on your blog. Create photo albums to organize your photos and share them with your friends.  You don’t have to rely on different sites for your blogging, photos, and video.  With, you can do it all in one site.  You can also upload, download, and listen to podcasts.  The forums are an active place to discuss a variety of topics.

If you like to blend your writing and discussions with current events, has a daily news section where members can discuss these topics.  The whole point of the site is to bring people together in a community environment to express their views, learn from others, and come together in an online community.

The interesting thing about is their “one love policy:” is inspired by the belief that there is one universal love that we all share. You are invited to join the community, share your thoughts, enjoy great conversations, and even debate heated issues. The only thing we require is that you are respectful of one another and considerate of the other’s perspective when a point of disagreement arises. Nobody knows everything, and the potential for us to learn is endless if we only allow ourselves to learn. In order to learn, we must be open to new and different ideas.

When I was going through the site researching this review, I must say that I found the forums to be very active.  In fact, there were active discussions going on regarding a variety of topics.  Lots of people viewing, lots of threads and responses.  In short – a very active forum.  And since this is all in one active community, you can link this up through one profile connected you and your blog.

As far as the usability of the site, it is your basic community site with bells and whistles.  I like the fact that everything is accessible and usable in one place so you don’t have to worry about the friends in your network being able to access or not.


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