Verse-O-Matic adds “Verse of the Day” (VOTD) RSS feeds

I have released an upgrade to the Verse-O-Matic that adds two “Verse of the Day” (VOTD) RSS feeds as options.  These options are available in the plugin admin panel and do not store the verses locally.  When you set it for one of the VOTD feeds, you do not need to do anything for it to update; your Verse-O-Matic will update when the feed is updated.

The new feeds are:

  • Good News Publishing’s ESV VOTD RSS feed
  • Bible Gateway’s NIV Atom feed

Get the Verse-O-Matic here


  1. says

    I would like to start by saying thanks for the Word Press VOTD widget. I am fairly new to blogging and word press and I think its a great widget.

    I do have a question if you can help me.

    My name is Ryan Grothouse. I am the youth pastor at Dundee Baptist Church in Dundee, FL. We are currently using VOTD on our newly built church website ( to try and display our Awana schedule (its on the sidebar of every page but the home page). Your widget was the only one that I could find that would rotate based upon a date that we put in.

    Is there a way to have a specific VOTD display until the next date occurs. Or is there a way to put a range of dates so that it would display for a whole week?

    Basically we are looking for VOTD to change on Thursday to the new Awana theme night, display that “verse” until the following Wednesday, then have it change to a new theme night on Thursday again.

    I hope you can help. I really don’t know much about the code behind everything to attempt to do this on my own without the fear of messing things up.

    I am rebuilding our youth website and my personal page using Word Press and will be using VOTD on both of them because I think its a powerful widget to use.

    Thanks for your time… and for the VOTD.

    Ryan Grothouse
    Youth Pastor
    Dundee Baptist Church
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    • says

      Ryan – Thanks for the comments! I’m always glad to hear from someone that is using the plugin and has some new ideas. I’ll have to take a look at what you are proposing. I think that it might already work that way, and if not, I think that I could add that functionality fairly easily. I will look into it, and I’ll probably be in touch to ask some questions.

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