WP-Members™ Upgrade Planned

Last week I was able to get a minor update to WP-Members™ completed and released.  In addition, I moved the plugin over to wordpress.org for hosting.  This allows it to get (I think) better exposure as well as allow users to upgrade from within their WP admin panel.  I had the approval from WP quite some time ago, but never completed the set up. 

Now I am working on finalizing a bigger upgrade.  This was intended as part of the 2.0 release, but because of the amount of work involved, it got put aside.  It is probably one of the most requested things I notice when people are looking at membership/restriction plugins.  It is the ability to manage custom fields.

My version of this idea is designed to be a big part of WP-Members™ and not necessarily a “stand-alone” custom field plugin.  It’s tricky from the standpoint of integrating the already native WP fields, some of which are required, others optional; and then throwing dynamically generated user defined fields into the mix.

This weekend I completed what I consider to be the biggest chunk of work on this upgrade and that is the end user (non-admin) portion.  This involved some significant changes to WP-Members’ registration and profile update functions.  Also, I have kept in mind that a good number of you already using the plugin will want to upgrade without messing up your existing registrations.  The upgrade will accomodate this by installing all of the fields that are part of the current plugin.  NOTE: for those of you that customized this part of the plugin to accomodate different fields and/or required fields, you won’t be left out in the cold.  You’ll just need to do one additional step of making new settings to match your existing regstration fields.

I will be completing the admin end of the upgrade this week and I hope to roll out the upgrade by the end of this week.  It will be released as 2.2.  Because it is material that was planned for 2.0 and because we aren’t changing the core, I don’t feel this warrants a full version update.


  1. Andreas says

    Nice plugin, I was able to get it to work on the site I am working on; however, I am in need minor additional features. I know you are in the middle of completing an update; however, was wondering if you are interested in some customization (paid) work on the site I am working on. Would definitely improve your plugin.


  2. Andreas says

    Hi, a little more info. Have been trying different things out and perhaps could be as simple as adding additional custom fields. Still would need help. Let me know if you have time or know of someone who can do the work. If not available, no worries, will post on Elance.

  3. says

    Thank you for a really nice plug-in. It worked perfectly. Love it! Custom fields will be a fun addition…good luck with the upgrade!

    My question may be fairly simple for a programmer, I think. I’d like to change a few of the Registration form’s Required fields to just be Optional. (the address, phone number & city) Could you please tell me exactly what to delete from the code so that the Requirement is dropped? (I managed to remove the “*” html stuff, but not whatever it is that tells the program that this is a “Required” field.) Any help would be appreciated!


    • says

      It is a relatively straight forward process to remove the requirement of a field. You need to update two functions – wpmem_register and wpmem_update.

      In each of these functions, there is a conditional statement for each required field. It will look like:

      if ( !$field-name) { $wpmem_themsg = "field-name is a required field"; }

      For any field you do not require, remove the appropriate line. (Do not remove username or email as these are required by wordpress – the rest are optional.)

  4. says

    When a New User registers through the site using WP-Members plug-in, their role on the back-end is not automatically updated to the default user group.

    Is it supposed to?

    And, if its supposed to , would you please tell me what I might be doing wrong to cause it *not* to update to the default user group?

    • says

      Well… the answer is both yes AND no.

      The original version of the plugin kept the users in a separate group. However, since v2 has moved to have them in WP’s users table, it COULD assign them a role. At present, it does not automatically do this, which is fine for most blogs. If you are running some additional plugins that utilize user data, that might be a problem though. Is that the case for you?

      BTW… this is being addressed in our current upgrade, where it will automatically give the user the default role of “subscriber.”

  5. Tim Brown says

    Great plugin!

    I was wondering, once a new member puts in all that information (name, address, etc), how can I retrieve member information? Can I export it to Excel, etc?


    • says

      Thanks Tim!

      Member information can be viewed in the Users area of the admin. WP-Members does not use any special pages for this, it adds the WP-Members fields to the user edit page.

      The member information is stored in the WP database tables wp_users and wp_usermeta. WP-Members utilizes these tables in order to be compatible with other membership driven plugins (like a forum or email blast). The structure is unconventional for some users, though. wp_users creates the user record and stores key user data (username, email, password, etc) while wp_usermeta stores additional data about a user as a meta field tagged with the user id. So, while export is possible, it’s not a straight up export of a single table with one row for each record.

  6. Tim Brown says

    Thank you so much for the previous reply. So I was using the plugin, getting everything set up, adn then today when I logged into my control panel and went to click on the settings tab for WP-Members, the tab was gone! The widget was still there. The plugin is still functioning on the actual web site. But the settings tab is gone, so I can’t change any fields, etc. Any ideas? Arrrrggghhhh I hope I didn’t jack something up. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, etc and it has not worked.

    Can you help?

    • says

      If you are using the most current version (currently 2.1.2), don’t worry, there is no settings tab. There had been a tab for settings in version 1.x, but that was phased out with v2 as it was unnecessary. (If you upgraded from 1.x, you do need to run the migration script to migrate the user data.)

      When version 2.2 reaches production, the settings tab will return as we will be adding the ability to customize the fields. At present (and it will remain so with the 2.2 release), the data for the extra fields are displayed on the edit user page. I thought 2.2 would reach production by now, but I have made some significant changes (and, I think, improvements) in order to accommodate fully customizable fields and it is turning out to be pain to manage the editing of the arrays.

  7. Amye McInnerney says

    Hi Tim,

    I’m attempting to install and use your plugin. I feel as though it’s what I’ve been looking for, so I hope I can get it to work.

    I have a quick question.. I’m sure this has been answered, but I haven’t been able to find where. I’m a newbie, so bare with me. :) I’m trying to add a custom field of unblock to a few of my posts. I’ve found the “Custom Field” section.. What exactly do I need to enter in the “Name” and “Value” data-entry fields? I must be missing something, because I haven’t been able to get this to work..

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      In order to unblock a post, put unblock in the name field and true in the value field. (This assumes you are still using the “more” tag to split the post, otherwise you don’t need to unblock it anyway.)

      Note: the reverse of this is true for pages. Pages are unblocked by default, but can be blocked by putting block in the name field and true in the value field. (And split the content with the “more” tag; everything after “more” will be protected.)

      Hope this answers your question.

  8. Josh Arcadia says

    Hi… I’ve been looking for you for 1 month already…
    on the Verse-O-Matic how can I modify the format of the font/verse? (i.e. Italic, Color, Font)
    do I have to add a class? I notice there is no CSS values on it…

    Thanks I hope u understand and God Bless You!

  9. booboooo says

    I wasn’t able to register for the forums so I figured I’d ask this question here. I’m looking to make a website for a non-profit with:
    -a mix of public and member-only content
    -member profiles with some basic (predetermined) info (address, email, phone number, maybe some other stuff)
    -members able to edit their own profile info
    -an automated email to an administrator when members edit their info
    -some member profile info that only administrators can edit (like if they are up to date on their dues payment)

    Do you think using this plugin would help me do what I want?

    • says

      Sorry about the forum, there’s still some issues with that particular plugin (but that’s another story). Your question would have been a good one for the forum as I’m sure there are others that have similar needs.

      Yes, WP-Members is fully capable of doing what you listed. You would need to do a little customizing, but overall, it’s not a big leap to get to what you are looking for.

      A mix of public and member-only content is already a feature, as is members able to edit their own profile info. Adding an email notification to the admin would just be a matter of adding a call to wp_mail at the end of the wpmem_update function. The most work would be adding the fields that only the admin can update, but it’s definitely do-able.

  10. booboooo says

    Awesome. I’m playing with the plugin now. Two more questions:
    - Can I require admin approval to complete registration?
    - This is a dumb question, and it looks like the answer is yes, but if I customize this plug in to do all the things I need it to do the users will be able to do everything (view/edit their profiles, log in, log out, view memer-only info) all in my theme and without looking at a WordPress back-end page, right?

  11. says

    Hi Thanks for the plugin. I want members to pay for membership. And I will eventually automate the process. In the meantime I can try and do it manually but cannot really get to grips with the idea. Yet.

  12. Twain says

    Do you know when the latest update will come about? I am very eager to see what you develop. I am currently stuck on a few things, but I think I will wait for your response and maybe the next release – my questions will probably be answered.

    • says

      Twain – I don’t have a definite agenda as far as upgrade releases. As “freeware” it kind of happens when I have the time to commit to it or a serious bug is reported.

  13. Twain says

    I understand when it comes to freeware. Perhaps you could assist me a bit then, I am having problems hiding pages… you say that all the pages are blocked and I must UN-block the ones for everyone, but in my case, they are ALL simply UN-blocked. Did I do something wrong?

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