Long promised updates are here

Well, the long promised updates for Verse-O-Matic and WP-Members™ are finally here. This brings both of these plugins up to date for use with WordPress 2.8.

Also, I am (finally) shifting the plugin hosting to wordpress.org. This will allow users to upgrade directly from their WordPress admin panel. I’ve had the plugins approved and the svn set up for quite a while, but somehow never got around to getting the updates uploaded. So, now they are there and you users can take full advantage.

The download links on the plugin pages have been updated to download the latest version as a .zip directly from wordpress.org, so if you download from this site or from the wordpress.org plugins area, you’ll have the latest version.


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      All the registration information goes to the WP users table (in a default installation this is wp_users) and the user meta table. You can view users via the “Users” administration menu. Also, in the “Edit User” admin page, you will see any WP-Members custom fields at the bottom of the page.

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