Verse-O-Matic 4.0 released

I have (FINALLY) completed an upgrade to the verse-o-matic plugin.  This upgrade fixes the installation issues that were experienced from WP 2.5.  Any deprecated actions, hooks, or filters have been updated.

I have only tested this on WP 2.8.4 so if you are using a version of WP earlier than 2.8, I suggest you upgrade your WP installation.  This would not just for my plugin, but to protect yourself from any recently fixed security issues.  WordPress has become quite popular and as a result, it has become a favorite target of hackers.  Keeping your WP installation up to date will help protect you from security flaws.

Note: I am always happy to help with support if I can, but unless you are pointing out a bug in the program, I can’t always get to every issue.  Paying clients and churches take priority.

Download Verse-O-Matic 4.0.0 here.


  1. says

    Hello there.

    This is a nice and good plugin, sweet for my church. But I have one problem. I have written in allot of bible vers in my own language. And I have a subpage that I would like to have Verse-O-Matic on also. Is there any way that I can get the “database” of biblevers into the plugin in another webpage, without writing all the verses again.


    • says

      To get them in to the plugin, you would have to write some script to import them into the db table. You could do this with php or directly with MySQL. The fields are version, book, chapter, verse, verseText, link, visible, and date. You can leave link and date null, all others would need to have some value.

    • says

      Well… it “should” be. I haven’t tested it yet with 2.9, but it is fine with 2.8. I’ll be testing soon (and probably doing some upgrades as well).

  2. Ande says

    How to style Verse-o-matic verse to look on the page, want to make it like a box to appear, please help me in this regard.

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