Time to Rebuild

With so many things going on in my life for the past year, this particular site has suffered.  I’ve tried to come back to update plugins and get things rolling again, but there were a number of obstacles in the way.

First, WordPress made some significant upgrades/changes.  It seemed that every time I turned around, there was an update.  Some of these changes definitely impacted my plugins. 

Then there was work.  I had a number of contracted projects that had to be completed.  When people are paying for results, everything else has to get put to the back burner.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough cashflow from donations for plugins to drive that to the top of the list.  (But, hey, I don’t blame people for that.  When the plugins don’t work as advertised, as they didn’t due to changes in WP, then why would someone pay for that?  But I digress.)

Lastly, my personal life, which I will not detail here, was in some upheval as well.  But all of these things are now behind me and I am coming back with some renewed vigor.  Part of this is driven by the fact that the neglect of this site has allowed by Google Pagerank to drop – it was as high as 5, which for a little personal project blog, I consider that to be pretty darn good.  I need to rebuild the traffic on this site to what it once was.

In the coming days and weeks, you should see some clear changes.  First, I’ll be updating all three of the plugins available here.  I’ll be reorganizing content and at the same time, attempting to do that in such a way that we get appropriate forwards from previous links.  I hate dead links so that will be addressed.  I would like to also get any unrelated content moved to a more personal blog, so that will follow.  Lastly, if I’m not dead at that point, I want to update the look/feel of the theme.

Since I also intend to expand the consulting end of the business, I will be including a section on how you can hire me to work on your project.  I’ve had enough to keep me busy in the past, but I think I would like to expand on that.


  1. JD Foster says

    I’m just checking to see how the plug-in rebuild is coming along. I’m setting up a church website, and would really like to be able to use the verse-o-matic plug-in. I haven’t seen anything else available that will do a specific verse for each day. Cheers, and thanks.

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