Rebuilding my plugins

I will be rebuilding the Verse-O-Matic and the Affiliate Cloak (ClickBank) plugins.  Around WP version 2.5 some changes were made that caused the installation of these plugins to not work correctly.  Long story short, it centers around the installation of a database table that each of them use.

I will probably utilize the wp_options table rather than put in a new table.  With that, I probably will include an option to completely uninstall the plugin, including emptying the values from the wp_options table.  (Don’t you just hate it when plugins leave huge amounts of data in your database even after you’ve uninstalled them?  I know I do.)

Anyway, this has been bugging me for some time, but I just have not had the time to work on the project.  But I really want to get it fixed so these are useable plugins.  Then I’ll get them moved over to


    • says

      Stan – thanks for the comment. Yes, you can, if you are somewhat handy with modifying the plugin’s output. You would need to add a div id or class to the area that does the output. I am working on a new version of the plugin because the new versions of WP have left some of the hooks used in earlier versions unusable. This causes the Verse-O-Matic to not install properly on new versions of WP (old versions that are upgraded are not affected – once the plugin is successfully installed, it works fine). So as I upgrade the plugin, I will probably add a div id to wrap the output. That way, users can very easily apply CSS to the output without having to modify the plugin itself.

  1. Joe says

    Any time frame on the verse-o-matic plugin? I’d like to add to my site (wp 2.8) but obviously not working correctly. Thanks.

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