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Well, I thought I had the theme hacks licked, but of course it was rehacked. I’ve been trying to track that down before I go back and fix the theme (and really the whole blog) again. To be honest, it’s rather depressing because it is a lot of work to keep this thing going. Sometimes I feel like I’m just spinning plates – about the time I get the last plate spinning, I have to go back to respin the first ones because they’ve come to a stop.

On top of the hacks to my theme, there has been a ton of spam comments. Unfortunately, when the theme got hacked it caused some problems with the WP-Members support forum so I’m getting support needs posted in comments because people are having problems with the forum. Since I very much want to help people that need help with the plugin, I’ve been carefully going through the comment moderation process so I don’t accidentally delete a legitimate comment with the spam. I want to come back and get those answered.

During this time, there have been some people that have used the PayPal donation for the plugin and of course, I give priority to their support needs. So if you are still waiting on free support, please understand that I have to give priorty to those folks. Of course, that was one of the purposes of the forum – to develop an area of common support issues so that people would be able to self-serve their needs, but with the hacks to the site, that hasn’t really worked out all that well.

So, to everyone, thanks for your patience! I do intend to work through these issues and get this blog back together. I put too much work into my plugins to just let them die. I just need some time to get this thing put back together.


  1. peter says

    I’ve used wp-members plugin, do you offer for customization serivce, if the price is reasonable, I’ll email you about the plan.

  2. says

    Been trying to log in to your wp-member forums with no luck. Thanks so much for the plugin and I have manipulated the design and application for a new wp member application I am developing. I did want to aks you about having the registration fields available in the members profile in wp admin. It would be great to include the extra info on their profile. Please let me know if you plan on adding this feature or if in the owrks, otherwise I will give it a shot. Thanks in advance.

  3. DJenkins says

    I’m having a problem with WP-Members and I’m hoping you can help. I’d be more than happy to donate for support if that’s what it would take. I’ve set up the plugin and am using a page with the “members-area” slug. All works well as far as that goes, but now every post on the site is asking for login information, even though those posts are available to the public. The plugin works great for the “members-area” and the content that I want hidden from public view, but is there a fix for the posts? Am I missing something?


    (I’d post a link to the site, but it’s being developed and is not live… I faked out the host file to work on it/view it.)

    • says

      You could try the newly released version 2.2. This allows you to change it to set posts as unblocked by default (rather than blocked). Since this is managed internally (without tweaking the code), it should work better than trying to make code changes accommodating what you are looking for.

      Hope that helps!

  4. DJenkins says

    Just wanted to update and say I’ve fixed the problem by editing the wp-members.php file so blocking posts is not even an option. It’d be a great feature to make that optional.

    Great plugin! It’s saved my skin.

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