Project update

Due to a heavy project load, I have been unable to keep up with important housekeeping here. There is some catching up to do with a number of comments that need to be addressed as well as some forum posts. If you are looking for a response on a technical issue, I’ll be catching up soon!

Thanks for the patience!


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    Hi there,

    Excuse the rather public comment (I don’t see an e-mail address) but I think your WordPress template may have been hacked. I’ve been getting rogue links from your blog, and a quick look at the source confirms that there are some hidden links to spam sites there.

    The same thing just happened, to me. I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress in the hope of solving the problem.

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    RE: WP-MEMBERS latest release.


    I’ve been looking for some documentation on how to have posts unblocked by default. I looked on the forum, but it’s only for the Beta release. I was wondering if you could provide some information on how to have posts unblocked by default in the latest release of WP-MEMBERS.

    P.S: Kick Arse plugin. I gave up on using plugins, but needed this to save time on a project. You have exceeded my expectations, well done!!!

    Many thanks


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