New ClickBank WordPress plugin prerelease

This is the new WordPress plugin for ClickBank users. It allows you to mask or cloak your affiliate links to prevent link hijacking. This is the “prerelease” in that I wanted to get it out and posted, but I haven’t completed the readme file (and a Quick Start Guide). There is a section within the plugin file itself that provides installation and usage instructions. When I finish the additional documentation, that will be added and I’ll update this post.

(If you’re a bot or scraper, or otherwise one of those people that likes to download plugins to provide on your site, don’t waste your time linking to the following file, it will not be the final link when the final release is published.)


Here are the installation and usage instructions that are included in the file:


  • Copy this file to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to the Plugins tab in your WP admin panel
  • Find “Affiliate Cloaking Device” and click “Activate”


  • Go to the “Options” tab in your WP admin panel and select the ClickBank subtab
  • After initial install, you will need to add your affiliate ID
  • Determine if you want links to open in a new window or not and set appropriately
  • Add ClickBank program(s) to your list
  • Once you have at least one program added to the list, you can cloak links in your posts
  • To add a cloaked link, add the following to your post:
    [text-that-is-displayed|program ID #]
    If you wanted the link to read “Learn to make money blogging” and the program ID
    from your list was 5, you would type the following in the WP visual editor:
    Note: be sure to include the brackets!!
  • If you have a long list of programs, or forgot the id number for a specific program, don’t worry, there is a dropdown list added just below the WP visual editor for writing and editing both posts (currently, this feature shows only in posts, not pages. However, the cloaking device works and may be used in pages, you just can’t see this helper list in the editing area).


  1. says

    Cool Plugin!

    Unfortunately I keep getting an error when I try to add CB programs to it? Is it an ID number for the program, the name in the link, or the whole link you are supposed to add?

    Thanks very much

  2. says

    hey, great ide to create this plugin, i will donate you some money when first understand in witch format the clickbank name or id should bee??

    best regards michael ;)

  3. says

    i am using both Clickbank and infolinks ads on my website. Clicbank generates more money than infolinks but your website should be getting lots of us traffic.


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