New Verse-O-Matic 3.4 Released

After much anticipation, I have finally finished Verse-O-Matic 3.4. This simple to use WordPress plugin allows you to place a random or predetermined scripture verse on your blog. Simply install, activate, load the widget and you are off and running. The easy to use administration features allow you to add and edit your list of verses and change settings to allow for random display (either daily or every page load), verse-of-the-day, or set a specific verse to display until you change it.

This version improves on the new features that were added in 3.0 and integrates the administration functions into a single file. Widget support is included, so you do not need to know any php or html to use this plugin on your blog. The major changes in this version were incorporating the admin functions into the main file, improving the admin area, and cleaning up the code.

New admin features include the ability to sort your list of verses by ID, Book of the Bible, or by Date (for verse-of-the-day use).

Get the new 3.4 version here.


  1. John says

    hey i tried putting in your verse-o-matic and it installed fine. But when I try to add a new verse i get this message…

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1]
    insert into wp_vom set version = ”, book = ‘Me’, chapter = ”, verse = ”, verseText = ‘Hello test test test’, link = ”, visible = ‘yes’, date =

    do you know how i can fix this?

  2. ringhierra says

    Hi, thanks for this great plugin.

    I am using this on WP 2.3.2 but without Widgets.

    I’m experiencing a problem where I am unable to create new entries. This has happened twice.

    The first time, I happily deleted all the verses that came with the first activation of the plugin (when the tables get inserted into the database), only to find that I was unable to add any new verses.

    The second time, I deleted wp_vom from the database and re-activated the plugin. I tried editing the original verses, which worked perfectly, but I am still unable to add new verses.

    How can I do this without having to resort to manually inserting them into the database?

    Thank you!

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