WP-Members™ Update

I have been incredibly busy this summer with a number of projects so unfortunately, WP-Members™ has suffered. When I came back from vacation, there were quite a few unaddressed issues in the comments. I will be looking into those issues and will be releasing at minimum a version with bug fixes and, if I can find the time, some additional features that are on my list.


  1. Luke Scammell says

    Looking forward to this being completed as this would be an absolutely killer plugin for a project I’m working on. As there’s no information currently, can groups and/or users (such as anonymous) be granted access to specified categories be default (instead of no access)? This would be great as I could then categorise a post as “Teaser” in order to try give registrants a taster of what they can get.

    Also, can you further restrict a group/user so that a specific category can only be accessed if they’re a paying subscriber (more than just a registered user)?

    Well done on it thus far, it’s looking to be THE killer access control plugin for WP.

    P.S. Worth using the Filled-In plugin for the forms and validation? It looks excellent and could potentially save you a LOT of work I would think (and also enable the end user to completely configure the registration form) –> http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/filled-in/

  2. Luke Scammell says

    I would be willing to help test out beta (alpha!) versions of this if it will help get something released sooner!

  3. Jo says

    Hey…reading from the features of wp-members, it sounded really superb, I downloaded it & ftp over to pluggin directory, activated, logout, even clear cache & tested it. Sadly enough, nope, it didn’t work. I wonder why.

  4. says

    This is a great plug-in with great documentation – thanks – they should all be this good! I have it up and working on the site. One question – the new users do show up on the Users page but their activity doesn’t seem to be recorded. Mine – as administrator – does. Is there some setting that I need to modify? Thanks again for a great plug-in. I am a real fan. Doc

  5. says

    I have been tryng to find the table that the plug-in creates in the database. Can you tell me what it is named? Also, the ability to modify the form – as described in the installation instructions – that is supposed to show up on the ‘User” page of the Dashboard is not there. Any idea why? Have you seen this problem before? Thanks, Earl

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