• JoanMershon

    I am looking for a password protection plug-in…and yours seems to be the best fit. Any time frame for the new version? Also I’d like to find documentation on how this works/doesn’t work with the regular WP login and other plug-ins that use that. In my case I need to have one category/feed available to everyone and everything else premium content. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • http://www.jeremyflint.com Jeremy

    So will this version include the files that are supposed to be in the /wp-members directory? Those are mentioned in the help files for version 1.8, but they aren’t in the zip package.

    Will this allow me to create a membership form that users can fill out and create their own accounts? I would love to beta test version2 for you.

  • user

    very cool, but does somebody know where i can find the script of a example page, so i can just copy and past cause i really don’t understand how i can make one by myself, but i can edit!