WP-Members™ Plugin version 1.0 release

Well, I finally reached a point with this plugin that we can relsease a full version. From the beta, I fixed quite a few quirks and I also worked to complete the customization features that I wanted included. I have not completed all of the customization features, but the bulk of it is in place so I can add it later.

This plugin allows you to block the WordPress “loop” (or anything you desire to block) from non-registered site members. Registrants are required to sign up through a registration form and can create their own username and password. This data is stored in a db table seperate from the the WordPress users table.

The plugin has its own admin area within the WP admin. You can list members, sort the list, search by various fields, and add new members manually. Also, in the settings panel, you can set a number of customizations allowing you to turn on or off the following features:

  • use a single field for name or first name/last name
  • add a second address line
  • add an additional (evening) phone field
  • confirm passwords match
  • confirm emails match

In the future, we will add 5 user customizable fields that can be used as well as allowing further customization of the registration process.

Download version 1.0 here

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