Urban Legend?

So there is some kind of rumor circulating that, on certain elevators, if you push “Door Close” and your floor at the same time, it puts the elevator into “express mode” and will go right to the floor without stopping. I viewed this information with a certain sense of skepticsm, but nevertheless, it sounded good to me and was worth checking out. I felt it deserved special attention in my building since, a few floors below me, there is a company that occupies several floors. Their employees are constantly “interrupting” my trips to and from the lobby with their single floor “jaunts.” What better way to avoid these extra stops than with my own personal express elevator.

So I had been pushing “Door Close” in combination with my floor or the lobby (depending on my direction) and experiencing some success. I wasn’t making any stops along the way. Since this is unusual, especially during “rush hour,” I thought things were working out rather well.

However (you saw that one coming, didn’t you?), yesterday, after pushing the combination for the lobby, I made several stops along the way. Well, that shoots that idea. So it is either “urban legend” or my elevator isn’t one of those equipped with such fancy features. Personally, I think I’m storing this one in the “urban legend” category.


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