Level 1 Attempt

Well, I had planned on attempting my Tripoli Level 1 Certification (that’s High Power Rocketry lingo for H and I motors for you non-rocket types) at the Midwest Regional Fun Fly. MRFF is usually put on as a joint effort between NIRA (Northern Illinois Rocketry Association) and WOOSH (Wisconsin Organization Of Spacemodeling Hobbyists). However, this year it looked like only NIRA would be there as they were the only one’s with it on the calendar. As such, I scrubbed my plans to make a L1 attempt. NIRA dropped their Tripoli association (I believe), and I prefer to certify with Tripoli since most of the HPR (High Power Rocketry) launches I attend are Tripoli. WOOSH is a Tripoli group, but it looked like they wouldn’t be there.

Now I see that they have it on their calendar. They also have this nifty little handout. So it looks like my attempt may be back on.

The problem is, I slowed way down on construction of my L1 project since I didn’t expect to be launching it this weekend. Granted, there isn’t that much left to do, just finish the paint and install motor retention. But with limited time between now and Saturday, that may be a bit of a scramble to complete. So I will scramble and get it flight ready by Saturday morning.

If there is time, I will post pictures and details of the project from start to finish.


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