My First WordPress Theme – LimeLite

LimeLite ScreenshotOK. Here is my first WordPress Theme for WP 1.5. This was tested on 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. The theme is called LimeLite and this is the first beta release.

It is HEAVILY based on Kubrick. In fact, it is Kubrick with a modified header and modified font colors. So the it’s basically a Kubrick mod.

To install, download the theme, extract, and load to /wp-content/themes/. This should give you a /limelite/ folder in /themes/. There is no additional support available for this release.

Download LimeLite 0.1b here.

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  2. [...] I started by looking for a theme that I liked. After downloading and installing about ten that I found on the Theme Viewer, I tried them out on friends and co-workers. We settled on Limelite, which is basically Kubrick with different colors. I didn’t like the fact that the permalink pages didn’t have the sidebar menu, but that was easily tweaked in the CSS. [...]

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