OK, I have have been getting gradually worse at taking care of myself nutritionally. I mean, I want to eat better, live healthy, and take vitamins, but I just don’t. My body continues to crave greasy foods, fat, and sugar. But there is hope on the horizon. I like Jamba Juice and there is one just below my office. I have often been curious about the Wheatgrass shots. I’m sure they are healthy (at least they sound like they are) but it just sounded so digustingly gross. In fact here’s a litte story about how my daughter feels about it:

The whole family went to Jamba Juice the other day on the way back from the farm. They have the fresh wheatgrass growing on the counter for when you order it. As we were making our decsions about what we were getting, my oldest daughter asked what it was for. I told her that they squeeze the juice out of it to make a drink. She responded, “I don’t want to drink grass, daddy.”

I didn’t make her drink any.

So, today, I got a little brave and decided I would give it a shot (no pun intended). They serve a 1 oz and a 2 oz shot. I decided that being a newbie and all to the wheatgrass crowd, I would start off with the 1 oz. They offered a slice of orange with the shot. “How nice,” I thought. So foul that you need a something afterwards to wash it down. I decided I had better go with the orange slice as well.

They cut my grass, put it in the grinder, and poured my shot. It looked like pea green soup. I picked up the cup and figured I would just gulp it down. And you know what? It was not that bad. It was an interesting flavor. Not foul as I had expected, but rather it was sweet in a green kind of a way. I didn’t feel the need to quickly grab and suck down my orange slice to wash it down.

Maybe there is hope for me yet.


  1. Claire says

    You can actually buy this mail order from naturally green. They sell a wheatgrass growing kit so you can actually grow your own at home. I’ve been using wheatgrass for over 2 years now and the savings from a kit are huge compared to taking shots froma juice bar.

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