Is your site ready for mobilegeddon?

Is your site currently mobile friendly?  How fast does it load on mobile devices?

Dubbed “Mobilegeddon,” Google will be making changes to its search algorithm on Tuesday to take into account how well a site conforms to mobile devices. While it is not supposed to affect desktop search results, a growing percentage of search takes place on mobile devices.

If your site is not mobile ready, expect to start seeing a drop in traffic starting tomorrow.

If your site is not ready, or is not mobile friendly, contact me for a quote today.  We can help get you through this with mobile responsive design.


Personal Brand Building with Your Own URL Shortener

You may have noticed that last year I started the process of reinforcing my personal brand image, placing a larger importance on personal branding.  This included a web site makeover, a new logo for consistency between the web site and social media, and yes, my own URL shortener.

The first two things may make a lot of sense to people, but I know that the importance of owning your own URL shortener may leave a few folks scratching their heads.  Is that really necessary?  And by that I’m referring to the custom URL shortener, not the personal branding itself.   [Read more…]

Schedule Your Day to Improve Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

I once wrote a post about the importance of avoiding distractions as a freelancer. It began with a little story about burning a pot of coffee and related that to how distractions can yield a similar result in your work.

Since then, I’ve come to expand on those ideas a little more, finding a structured scheduling process that has become very effective.   [Read more…]

5 Top Bloggers Teach You How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

These 5 top bloggers command top dollar for their advice and expertise. Here is an opportunity for you to get some of their best advice on how to get more blog traffic. And you don’t have to spend a dime to get it.  [Read more…]

Building Successful Membership Sites: What You Need To Know

Many web entrepreneurs and freelancers would argue that the membership site is the ultimate business model. As someone who has utilized this concept for coming close to two decades, I would agree.

I built the first membership site plugin for WordPress, and I’ve seen the biggest growth in popularity in the past couple of years with many new plugins now available for building and deploying premium content membership sites.  I have learned a lot from building and operating my own membership sites as well as helping clients implement their own membership sites.

Like any other business model, in order to grow you must constantly learn and evaluate what is working well and what is not.  You must make adjustments accordingly.  Here are some things that I have learned about selling premium content via the membership site business model.   [Read more…]

Change WordPress email settings to reduce spam rejection

I have several other posts on how to improve the reliability of email sent via wp_mail and how to troubleshoot your WordPress email settings, most of which has focused on the sending end. A common followup problem is email sent from your WordPress site ending up in the user’s spam folder.  What can you do to your WordPress email settings to make your sent message less likely to be flagged as spam by the receiver?

The answer is that your WordPress email settings matter. [Read more…]